Facts vs. Myths

New studies provide data that debunk many of the false stereotypes and long-held misperceptions regarding boarding school culture.

The Truth About Boarding Schools: A Comparative Study of Secondary School Education | Retrieved from: The Association of Boarding Schools

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Myth: Boarding schools are homogenous.

Fact: 59% of boarding school students describe their schools as having students from many races and ethnic groups as opposed to 19% of private day and 39% of public school students.

Myth: Boarding schools are for problem students who are being “sent away.”

Fact: 60% of respondents applied to boarding school primarily because of the opportunity for better education.

Myth: Boarding schools are places where students get into trouble.

Fact: 95% of boarding school students say that their social lives do not revolve around drugs and alcohol, compared to 82% of private day and public school students.

Myth: Boarding school students have troubled home lives.

Fact: 86% of boarding school students report being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their family life.

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