Why Stratas?

Trying to find the right placement for your child on your own is a daunting challenge. Urgency and time pressure can often prevent families from doing thorough program research. Even the most caring and diligent of parents can get trapped, become confused, and feel overwhelmed.

Plenty of schools have impressive websites, but they don’t tell the whole story. What is the program’s true reputation? What are their actual strengths and weaknesses? We can help answer these questions, find the best option, and expertly guide you through the process.


Insider Knowledge

We have personally visited hundreds of educational and therapeutic programs and are uniquely qualified to evaluate and understand each one. There are many options available in the constantly changing mental health industry but our experience and backgrounds allow us to expertly assess which options will work best to meet your child’s specific needs.

We also know the people that work in the programs that we refer to. We’ve talked with them, visited them, and know their strengths. Having worked in a wide variety of programs ourselves, we know which therapists, case workers, and family liaisons are best suited to meet your child’s specific needs. We do our best to “look behind the curtain”  to ensure that you make wise decisions about which program you choose and have access to the best staff members and therapists in that program.

Additionally, having helped hundreds of families just like yours, we have clear insights into what options have worked best for our families and are committed to using our experience and knowledge to make the best possible match for your family.

Guidance & Support

The decision to look into out-of-home placement options can be a difficult process. We are here to provide you with answers and expertise. We can help answer your questions and calm your fears by providing honest answers, insightful coaching, straightforward advice, local and national support resources, and more.

In addition to helping you and your family secure the safest, most appropriate match for your child, we stay involved--guiding and supporting you throughout the entire process. Our desire is to stay connected, addressing the complex emotional and family dynamic issues that can accompany placement. Always ready and willing to listen, advise, and advocate, we are committed to providing a full spectrum of ongoing support. We care about you and your family.

Expert Insights & Abilities

We are specialists that focus solely on the needs of children, teens and young adults. This means that 100 percent of our time is spent helping clients with specific therapeutic or educational needs that can not be served by local resources.

Additionally, our training and experiences give us valuable insights when it comes to walking parents through highs and lows of the process. When working with a family we fulfill many key roles: researchers, assessors, planners, coordinators, guides, advocates, watchdogs, networked professionals, and providers of support.

Uncompromising Ethics

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service by adhering to rigorous and thorough ethical standards. The foundation of our practice is built on the guiding principals of integrity, availability, open communication, professionalism, objectivity, and dedication. Our training, backgrounds, and experience give us a strong ethical base towards understanding the appropriate standards, complexities, and boundaries that are essential in offering care and support to our families.

Most importantly, we have no affiliation with any school and receive no placement compensation from any school or program. We work directly and exclusively for families to find the best placement for each client.