Schools & Programs

There are many types of programs that provide a wide range of treatment / educational environments. Following is a general outline of the types of programs available. This information is offered to help you begin to differentiate between various treatment models. We will work with you to help you understand which level of care is most appropriate for your child's needs.


Short Term Placement

Most short-term programs last 8-12 weeks. Length of stay depends on your child's needs and your goals. Often, a short-term placement is used to gain a rich diagnostic picture that isn't possible in an outpatient setting.

While your child is in a short-term program, we typically speak with his/her treatment team - and with you - at least weekly to ensure that treatment is going as planned and to guide, coach, and advocate for you as needed.

Long Term Placement

We can help you understand the shortcomings and benefits of the variety of long-term programs. We often hear parents say "they all look great and they all look the same," which is of course not true.

While your child is enrolled in a long-term care environment our role is to be an overarching presence as we stay informed and involved in your child’s care. Click below to learn more about the various types of long-term options.