The services we offer focus on partnering closely with you to develop the best placement plan for your child. The goal of successful placement is to replace patterns of failure with productive skills that encourage adjustment, minimize behavioral relapses, and allow a smooth transition back into the familiar world. Our desire is for your child to acquire the tools to facilitate his or her journey toward a brighter future.

Our services are divided into three steps that will guide you through the entire placement process. If you are currently in a crisis you should know that the placement process can occur in as little as one day if necessary.



The first step in our process is to gather and compile comprehensive information on each client. The assessment process includes careful evaluation of each child’s diagnostic profile, academic needs, clinical needs, family dynamic, and past therapeutic interventions. 

This initial step typically involves interviewing professionals who know your child, reviewing existing documentation and records, arranging formal testing (if needed), and evaluating and assessing individual situations and experiences. 

As we gather all of the pertinent data we will review it and put it into perspective, creating a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s academic and therapeutic needs. This research and assessment is crucial to finding the right program for your child. Once we have a clear and accurate understanding of your child’s needs, we work in partnership with you to determine the best-match from the many out-of-home programs, services, and schools available.

Placement & Action

After we complete a comprehensive assessment of your child’s needs, your child will begin their recovery by enrolling at the school or program that you, with our help, have chosen.

Initially we may recommend a short-term program such as a wilderness program or residential treatment center. This short-term placement can be seen as an extended time of evaluation as it allows for a richer assessment and a smoother transition into a long-term school or program.

Along with developing an overarching action plan in collaboration with you, we will provide key services during this stage of consulting, including guiding you through admissions procedures, hand picking the right therapist when appropriate, and assisting with any transitions.

Monitoring & Support

While your child is enrolled in a program, we become an augmented part of the treatment team, continuing to actively guide and support your child and family. During this phase of the process we will receive regular updates, discuss your child’s progress with therapists, and act as a sounding board for you by answering questions and dealing with concerns. Additionally, we advocate on your family’s behalf when needed. As your child moves toward a transition, we will work closely with you and your child’s program to assist with aftercare planning.

Insurance Advocacy

Many of our families are interested in working with their insurance providers to get the cost of residential options covered. To help parents navigate the very complex system of managed care (submitting claims, providing documentation, communication with providers, etc.) we offer Insurance Advocacy and Claim Management. 

Kimberly Burns, our insurance advocate is an expert who is able to work towards the goal of getting coverage. She is committed to working for families to help resolve issues with their insurance claims and ensure their health benefits are working for them.


At-risk placement programs and schools are expensive. Cost varies from program to program and ranges depending on the level of care your child needs. During our initial conversation with you we are happy to teach you about the general costs for different genres of treatment.

You may have already invested a lot of money and energy on therapists, tutors, legal counsel, psychiatrists, and/or outpatient programs. We can save you money by helping you avoid common and costly mistakes as you go forward. You want the best for your child, but the cost will be great on many levels if you cut corners or choose the wrong program.

Placement for your child is an investment in your child and your family. We are committed to helping you make the most of that investment.