Learning Differences

We work with parents of children with mild to moderate learning differences. We help find the placement of best fit that will honor your child’s uniqueness, focus on their strengths, and meet their individual challenges.


Our Toolbox

When Faith obtained her educational training, she decided to pursue a background in special education so that she would have a big “toolbox.” This way, when she was teaching in her classroom and a child didn’t understand the concept, she could reach into her toolbox and choose another strategy to teach the lesson so that she would be able to meet the needs of all her learners.

Now, many years later, Faith has visited a multitude of schools in hopes of building up “an even bigger toolbox” so that when she is working with clients who have different strengths and weaknesses, including learning differences, she can once again meet the needs of each client.

Our Process

At Stratas Consulting Group we listen to your special concerns, combine the knowledge gained through personal interviews with information from prior testing along with grades and teacher comments—we then research schools to thoroughly investigate the options. We match your child’s academic profile to a school that addresses his or her unique learning ability and strive to place your child in an academically and socially appropriate learning environment where your child will thrive.