Who We Work With

The struggling children, teens, and young adults we specialize in helping have typically exhausted all local resources and require more intensive placement. We have worked with hundreds of families dealing with a wide range of therapeutic and behavioral issues including:

Anxiety and depression, hostility and confrontations, oppositional defiance, ADD/ADHD, substance abuse, drug/alcohol addiction, legal trouble, psychiatric and personality disorders, manipulative or deceitful behavior, anger management, eating disorders, suicide attempts or gestures, lack of self-esteem, high functioning autism, lack of motivation, underachievement at school, and more.


Children & Teens

In today’s rapid pace, unending choices and daunting peer pressure can plunge adolescents into a downward spiral. When teens fail to thrive, lack motivation to change, and behave destructively, the teen and their families suffer.

Young Adults

In our culture there seems to be an epidemic of young adults who are having difficultly emerging as independent functioning adults. Each year we work with a selection of young adults with a variety of presenting concerns ranging from significant lack of maturity and motivation ("young adult failure to thrive") to anger management and addiction.

We work with many young adults who try a traditional college and get kicked out or fail out. Getting young adults to the appropriate setting can make all the difference as they start the first chapter of their adult lives.

Substance Abuse

Is my child an addict? That is an extremely difficult question to answer. We have training and experience to help you assess this crucial issue in an objective way. If your child is struggling with drugs or alcohol, there is a fork in the road your family will face: should your child obtain treatment specifically for addiction or seek treatment for mental health issues that feed drug use? We can help you answer this crucial question. And, the way it’s answered will greatly influence the therapeutic environment we explore for your child.

Adoptive families

One in four of the families we work with are parents of adopted children.

If you are a parent of an adopted child, the decision to seek out-of-home placement may be even more difficult. Unique dynamics with an adopted child need to be handled appropriately so that attachment related concerns can be addressed successfully. We are extremely familiar with the best programs to do this kind of work, as well as the specific issues, family dynamics, and unique needs of adopted children. 

We are experts in guiding adoptive families through this process.


Autism Spectrum

Much attention has been given to the rising epidemic of autism. What’s less discussed is the concurrent increase in very high functioning, neuro-atypical children, adolescents, and young adults.

This large population is a subset of young people who create a unique challenge. On one hand they typically struggle in more mainstream environments, and on the other they often feel very out of place among a peer group who are diagnosed with more significant forms of autism. Additionally, while this population often struggles socially they typically have unique talents in other areas and/or are academically gifted.

We continue to work with more and more clients who are high functioning and neuro-atypical and consider them a specialty of our practice.